Should I give antidepressants another try?

I was reading Allison Raskin’s article on antidepressants today and it made me consider whether I should try taking medicine for my anxiety again.

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My motto these days seems to be, “When in doubt, just say sorry!”

I remember a former friend of mine used to get mad at me whenever I said that word. She said that the more you say “sorry,” the less sincere it seems.

All I have to say to that is, “Sorry you feel that way!”

Learning to let the guilt go


Back in January, I ranted to my good friend Nat at an Upper East Side diner about my concerns regarding my friends. She was having coffee at midnight (like the caffeine-addict she was) while I was drinking an overpriced glass of Merlot (like the alcoholic I am). My monologue was riddled with “I feel bad”s as I went through a list of people I wanted to help. I always joke with Nat that she is like a walking Hallmark card, but in response to my rambling, she said something particularly poignant. She said, “Why must we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders?” Last week, during my work day, I spammed her with a series of panicked texts. She repeated the phrase. She told me I have to learn to let things go. She was absolutely right.

The story behind my texts begins two weeks ago. I was…

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Getting distracted

I almost didn’t write here today because I would much rather play Sims. I’m terribly addicted to Sims 4. I’ve always been an avid Sims player, but lately my addiction has been getting worse. I was supposed to work out at least twice last week and work on my writing at least three times, but […]

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Time to stop being a bitch

My therapist told me that I’ve been acting bossy lately. Bossy and judgmental. And you know that’s not a good sign–when your own therapist has to tell you to siddown and shut the fuck up. Honestly, I think this was her way of putting things nicely. “Bossy” and “judgmental” are pretty obvious code words to […]

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