Why I hate being social

These past few days, I’ve been feeling very stressed. When I look at my calendar, I realize that my schedule is jam-packed with social activities. This weekend, I’ll be going hiking in New Hampshire with my boyfriend and his friends. Next week, I have a dinner at a friend’s apartment, karaoke with my boyfriend and his […]

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Complaint about complaining

While trying to brainstorm what to write for this week’s post, my list of ideas ended up looking something like this: People I still hate from high school My texting pet peeves It sucks to be broke I decided that these topics were too negative, especially considering the last time I wrote here, I basically […]

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Do I play dumb?

I have been told a couple of times that I have a tendency to act dumber than I am.

Potential reasons why I do this:

  • People treat me like I’m dumb: therefore I play the part so as not to be inconsistent with their expectations. I am a people pleaser after all.
  • Playing to what I expect are people’s expectations: I assume people think I’m dumb so I play the part so as not to be inconsistent with what I assume are their expectations. It’s all in my head.
  • Playing to my own expectations: I think I’m dumb, therefore I play the part so as not to be inconsistent with my own expectations. I’m doing this to make sense of myself.
  • Playing it safe: If people think I’m dumb, if I think people think I’m dumb, if I think I’m dumb, then there’s never any expectation for me to be smart. And then I’m safe from the risk of making mistakes and failing people as a smart person.
  • I’m actually dumb: and the people who think I’m playing dumb actually expect more from me. I don’t know whether to be flattered or terrified.

Something shitty I’m strangely proud of

I have the ability to poop in any bathroom, whether it’s public or someone else’s private bathroom. I wasn’t aware that this was a skill until college, when my roommates would sigh about being unable to unload in our new apartment or in any foreign bathroom for that matter. They said they were uncomfortable to dispose […]

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The first job: is it really a life or death decision?

Yesterday, I had to make a big decision that I thought would change my life. I am an aspiring editor and I received two job offers: one from an established publishing house where I have interned before, complete with a salary, but it was for a sales assistant position. The other was from a lesser-known, digital magazine, was […]

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