Getting distracted

I almost didn’t write here today because I would much rather play Sims. I’m terribly addicted to Sims 4. I’ve always been an avid Sims player, but lately my addiction has been getting worse. I was supposed to work out at least twice last week and work on my writing at least three times, but […]

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Time to stop being a bitch

My therapist told me that I’ve been acting bossy lately. Bossy and judgmental. And you know that’s not a good sign–when your own therapist has to tell you to siddown and shut the fuck up. Honestly, I think this was her way of putting things nicely. “Bossy” and “judgmental” are pretty obvious code words to […]

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Dug-out Drafts: Confessions

I wrote the following post back in the beginning of November. It was originally meant for enniyaya and my joint blog at eunicornworld, but I never published it. Instead, I published something else and kept this post as a draft, treating it like some embarrassing piece of trash I was crumpling up and throwing over my shoulder, aiming for that metal-wired trash can that every cliche I’m-so-frustrated-with-my-writing movie/TV scene seems to have. Except that the draft never made it to the trash. I forgot to press delete.

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Password protected: Something I don’t like to admit

I hate writing about negative topics. I wish I could write about something fun, quirky, and light-hearted. Especially considering the appearance of our eunicornworld blog. Feel like something light-hearted would suit it. But alas, even though I jot down fun ideas to write about for a future post, I always come to the blog with something to complain about. I can’t seem to write in a cheerful tone when I’m not actually feeling it. Guess I’m not good at faking happy. Well, not like I signed up to be an actor anyway. I’m just a writer, in a way, I signed up to being an open book!

Link to the rest of the entry. Message me if you would like the password. Warning, this one is a bit rambly!

It’s the same as the password to the last password protected entry. I think I’ll just keep the same password for all PP entries so that it’s easier for anyone who reads my stuff a lot to open up a protected entry.