Great expectations

For these past few weeks, someone has been “making” some lemonade for the floor and refilling a pitcher of it in the fridge. I was excited to have a glass today, only to realize mid gulp that this “lemonade” tasted like–and is probably just–lemon-flavored Gatorade.

Estoy muy triste.



Feeling nauseous. I woke up at 6AM today because I was traveling to work from New Jersey, and I’ve noticed over the past few years that whenever I wake up earlier than normal, my stomach has a weird reaction and I feel like throwing up until it’s lunch time. My mom’s theory is that my digestive system is not used to waking up so early either, so if I consume anything during these earlier hours, my stomach is not happy. All I did was drink a peach Snapple so far, so I guess that was all my stomach needed to have a rude awakening.

Waking up at 6AM also left me feeling exhausted during my commute to the city, and as a result I made a lot of wrong turns in the subway. First, I took the express train downtown  (Q) from Port Authority when I was supposed to take a local train (R or W). I didn’t realize my mistake until I got to Canal Street (Chinatown), when my workplace is in the Flatiron. I then tried to take an uptown local train, only to find that I was still on the express train platform 15 minutes later. I was too tired to feel annoyed. I was actually kind of amused. Even after living in the city for what feels like forever, I can still be a stumbling noob in the subway. I guess this just goes to show how important sleep really is to function (obviously).


Why I hate being social

These past few days, I’ve been feeling very stressed. When I look at my calendar, I realize that my schedule is jam-packed with social activities. This weekend, I’ll be going hiking in New Hampshire with my boyfriend and his friends. Next week, I have a dinner at a friend’s apartment, karaoke with my boyfriend and his […]

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