Something shitty I’m strangely proud of

I have the ability to poop in any bathroom, whether it’s public or someone else’s private bathroom. I wasn’t aware that this was a skill until college, when my roommates would sigh about being unable to unload in our new apartment or in any foreign bathroom for that matter. They said they were uncomfortable to dispose […]

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When someone is being annoying: is it a matter of their character or your preference?

A lot of my pet peeves have to do with making plans with people. First: I hate it when people are inattentive to plan details. Ex: When I share all the information that needs to be shared–location, date, time, etc.–in a group chat or individual text, and people still ask me the day of, “Wait […]

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The first job: is it really a life or death decision?

Yesterday, I had to make a big decision that I thought would change my life. I am an aspiring editor and I received two job offers: one from an established publishing house where I have interned before, complete with a salary, but it was for a sales assistant position. The other was from a lesser-known, digital magazine, was […]

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Thoughts I want to ditch when I turn 30

If she doesn’t respond to my invite out and it’s already been a few days, does that mean she secretly hates me and doesn’t want to be my friend? She’s ignored my texts before. Is she just a bad texter or is this all on purpose? Maybe I should try messaging her again? Would a […]

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Dear Ex-Best Friend

I try to tell myself that I don’t care for you anymore, but sometimes I still dream about you.

Months ago, I dreamed that I visited you in your dorm room at Binghamton. The room was revamped into Hello Kitty pink and plush. You let me sit on your bed even though I was wearing “outside” clothes and this time you didn’t scream when my jeans hit your laundry fresh blankets. Continue reading Dear Ex-Best Friend

How I want to say goodbye to my 2016

Over the past few years, the concept of New Year’s Resolutions has always been a running joke in my conversations. People say that they have a list of resolutions they want to accomplish, but they also attach a disclaimer saying that they know they will probably barely achieve them. Now I know that for some people, […]

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