When the dentist saves the day?

This blog entry is sponsored by my period angst. Periods. When life gives you hell, cry because your emotions are on fire and your crotch is swaddled in soggy diaper blood and you can barely pull your shit together to even deal. Despite my misleading opening, this entry is not meant to be the usual […]

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September Notes

Throughout my past couple of entries, I keep expressing a concern for self-control. I’m worried about how I’m spending my time, about who I’m spending that time with, and about what kind of person I’m becoming. Above all, I’m worried about the state of my writing. I’m worried that it’s decaying while I spend my […]

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All the posts I forgot to reblog

This blog may seem dead 90% of the time but I swear I’m writing. Here are all the entries I didn’t reblog from my joint blog with my friend enniyaya, eunicornworld:

I didn’t reblog some of these because I was lazy. For others, I felt self-conscious about the content or the writing itself and wasn’t sure if they were worth a reblog. I’m sharing them now not because I came to realize belatedly that these were all genius pieces of writing or anything. I just want all my writing to be easy to find through this personal blog, whether it’s for my own reference or someone else’s.