Office drama

Office drama. I used to get worried that it might happen to me, but now I kind of enjoy it. I guess that’s what happens when your days becomes a cliche of “mundane office life.” There are coworkers and clients I hate for petty reasons, but I relish in this feeling of overblown hatred, because wow, finally something interesting is happening to me.

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Feeling nauseous. I woke up at 6AM today because I was traveling to work from New Jersey, and I’ve noticed over the past few years that whenever I wake up earlier than normal, my stomach has a weird reaction and I feel like throwing up until it’s lunch time. My mom’s theory is that my digestive system is not used to waking up so early either, so if I consume anything during these earlier hours, my stomach is not happy. All I did was drink a peach Snapple so far, so I guess that was all my stomach needed to have a rude awakening.

Waking up at 6AM also left me feeling exhausted during my commute to the city, and as a result I made a lot of wrong turns in the subway. First, I took the express train downtown  (Q) from Port Authority when I was supposed to take a local train (R or W). I didn’t realize my mistake until I got to Canal Street (Chinatown), when my workplace is in the Flatiron. I then tried to take an uptown local train, only to find that I was still on the express train platform 15 minutes later. I was too tired to feel annoyed. I was actually kind of amused. Even after living in the city for what feels like forever, I can still be a stumbling noob in the subway. I guess this just goes to show how important sleep really is to function (obviously).


Why I hate being social

These past few days, I’ve been feeling very stressed. When I look at my calendar, I realize that my schedule is jam-packed with social activities. This weekend, I’ll be going hiking in New Hampshire with my boyfriend and his friends. Next week, I have a dinner at a friend’s apartment, karaoke with my boyfriend and his […]

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The danger of being “one of the guys”

Last weekend, my guy friend (let’s call him John) came over to hangout with my boyfriend and me at our apartment. We were chatting about his love life, when John turned the conversation to an old subject. He brought up a mutual girl friend of ours that he would totally “fuck” (let’s call her Jane). John asked […]

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Complaint about complaining

While trying to brainstorm what to write for this week’s post, my list of ideas ended up looking something like this: People I still hate from high school My texting pet peeves It sucks to be broke I decided that these topics were too negative, especially considering the last time I wrote here, I basically […]

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