Being happy takes effort

It seems that no matter how many good things happen to me, I still end up dwelling on the bad. Example 1: This past weekend, my boyfriend and my friend collaborated to throw me a surprise party. They took me out ice skating, invited out my friends, treated me to dinner, and played games with […]

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Why I hate going to reading events

Walking over to the McNally Jackson bookstore in Soho on a Thursday night, I was already getting nervous. I was assigned by my professor to go to this reading event, Future Sex by Emily Witt, with some of my classmates. He challenged us to try to mingle with the crowd there together, to help each other if any of us got shy. After all, as aspiring writers, it was important for our careers to start interacting with the literary sphere. But as an anxiety-prone girl who was already regretting wearing her high-heeled boots in cobblestoned Soho, who was already aware of strangers who might catch sight of her stumbles, who was already dreading the implications of the word “mingle,” I decided that this was an impossible task.

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A writing tip from ‘Bridesmaids’

Was binging on Youtube to avoid doing work (as usual) and I came across a ‘Bridesmaids’ extended cut scene of the Jewelry Store argument. I was surprised to find that it was mostly improvised… and that it ran for so long. Actors Kristen Wig and Mia Rose Frampton made so many digs at each other, […]

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What I need to stop doing

  • Replying to compliments with self-deprecating “jokes.” It’s only funny the first few times. After that, you look as if you’re inviting people to your pity party, and they will try to contribute with more compliments, which makes things all the more pitiful.

What I’m glad I stopped doing:

  • Saying “sorry” all the time, especially when I have to change plans. My time is just as valuable as anyone else’s (unless I’m being an indecisive turd. Then yeah, that warrants a “sorry”).

My stress countdown

I’m feeling stressed. You know that kind of stressed where you feel too paralyzed to do much else? I’m that right now.

A few minutes ago I walked into my school’s library to read Ethics by Spinoza for class. It’s part of the source of my stress, but it’s definitely not the whole cause.  I couldn’t understand a word of it without rereading the same sentence twenty times. Spinoza is either crazy or a genius. He talks about God and life in mathematical formulas. I’m not a math person so he reads to me like Crazy. I don’t like reading Spinoza, I don’t get Spinoza, but I felt particularly stuck today. Continue reading My stress countdown

Take your time


This past September, my professor asked our small class of 15 students how our day was. As this was a Creative Writing class at NYU, his question was seen as an open invitation to rant. One student shared that she was harassed by a homeless man in the middle of Starbucks. Another said that a stranger threw a cup of water at her on the subway. A third mentioned that she was having a horrible day because due to a panic attack, she had to drop classes and become a part-time student. I could definitely relate to the first two stories–as an NYC resident, it’s almost impossible to avoid a crazy encounter–but the third struck me the most. I remembered that was my exact situation about two years ago.

In the Spring of 2014, I had returned to NYU from a year-long medical leave during which I was struggling with my anxiety and depression issues. I was eager…

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