Time to stop being a bitch

My therapist told me that I’ve been acting bossy lately. Bossy and judgmental. And you know that’s not a good sign–when your own therapist has to tell you to siddown and shut the fuck up. Honestly, I think this was her way of putting things nicely. “Bossy” and “judgmental” are pretty obvious code words to […]

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The danger of being “one of the guys”

Last weekend, my guy friend (let’s call him John) came over to hangout with my boyfriend and me at our apartment. We were chatting about his love life, when John turned the conversation to an old subject. He brought up a mutual girl friend of ours that he would totally “fuck” (let’s call her Jane). John asked […]

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Thoughts I want to ditch when I turn 30

If she doesn’t respond to my invite out and it’s already been a few days, does that mean she secretly hates me and doesn’t want to be my friend? She’s ignored my texts before. Is she just a bad texter or is this all on purpose? Maybe I should try messaging her again? Would a […]

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Dear Ex-Best Friend

I try to tell myself that I don’t care for you anymore, but sometimes I still dream about you.

Months ago, I dreamed that I visited you in your dorm room at Binghamton. The room was revamped into Hello Kitty pink and plush. You let me sit on your bed even though I was wearing “outside” clothes and this time you didn’t scream when my jeans hit your laundry fresh blankets. Continue reading Dear Ex-Best Friend