Getting distracted

I almost didn’t write here today because I would much rather play Sims. I’m terribly addicted to Sims 4. I’ve always been an avid Sims player, but lately my addiction has been getting worse. I was supposed to work out at least twice last week and work on my writing at least three times, but […]

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Dug-out Drafts: Confessions

I wrote the following post back in the beginning of November. It was originally meant for enniyaya and my joint blog at eunicornworld, but I never published it. Instead, I published something else and kept this post as a draft, treating it like some embarrassing piece of trash I was crumpling up and throwing over my shoulder, aiming for that metal-wired trash can that every cliche I’m-so-frustrated-with-my-writing movie/TV scene seems to have. Except that the draft never made it to the trash. I forgot to press delete.

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My writing process (for short stories and essays)

Step 1: Have a bunch of shallow, half-thought out ideas. Most of them will not be good. That’s just the nature of ideas.

Step 2: Pick one idea to run with. Believe that it has potential to obtain substance, depth, that it is something worth exploring, that it is a story that has a right to exist in the world. It’s best not to question whether or not you will successfully execute this idea just yet. What with your insecurities, that will probably hinder more than help you move forward. Continue reading My writing process (for short stories and essays)

Being happy takes effort

It seems that no matter how many good things happen to me, I still end up dwelling on the bad. Example 1: This past weekend, my boyfriend and my friend collaborated to throw me a surprise party. They took me out ice skating, invited out my friends, treated me to dinner, and played games with […]

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Why I hate going to reading events

Walking over to the McNally Jackson bookstore in Soho on a Thursday night, I was already getting nervous. I was assigned by my professor to go to this reading event, Future Sex by Emily Witt, with some of my classmates. He challenged us to try to mingle with the crowd there together, to help each other if any of us got shy. After all, as aspiring writers, it was important for our careers to start interacting with the literary sphere. But as an anxiety-prone girl who was already regretting wearing her high-heeled boots in cobblestoned Soho, who was already aware of strangers who might catch sight of her stumbles, who was already dreading the implications of the word “mingle,” I decided that this was an impossible task.

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